Region and Places In India
India is one country many people long to see, and having seen it once, wish to return again and again.
India is, indeed, incredible. Within the continent-of-a-country are the world's highest mountains, the Himalayas. Here is the great Indian desert, the Thar; deep jungle where the tiger roam and rhinos run wild; sylvan beaches, among the longest in the world; one of the most ancient settlements - the Indus Valley Civilisation - with a recorded past of five thousand years; the cradle of some of the oldest religions on the globe - Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism.
Equally enthralling monuments - forts, palaces, temples, memorials - line its historic face. Dances from the past survive as living arts even today. There is a vibrancy to the culture, both ancient and modern.
For India is also modern with its 21st century metropolises, luxury hotels, air-conditioned surface transport, hi-speed trains, networks of domestic airlines, Discotheques and shopping malls. Food - in an amazing range - Indian (oh, the variety!) and International. And music to blow your mind.
North India Region-North India forms the largest region in India. From the high peaks of the Himalaya it embraces the great flat plains of the Ganga valley and the upland plateaus of the northern Peninsula. This enormously diverse landscape is home to an equally wide range of peoples, from those of Mongolian and Tibetan stock in Leh and Ladakh to some of the earliest of India’s settlers, the tribal peoples in Madhya Pradesh.
At the same time it has what is rapidly becoming the country’s fastest growing and most important metropolitan city, Delhi. Delhi has become the starting point for most travelers.However, many of its densely populated quarters still show all the signs of urban poverty and deprivation which successive governments have been unable to remove.
South India Region-Warn and sunny South India, geographically separated by the east-west Vindhya ranges, is distinctly different from North India. Southerners pride themselves on being the orinigal Indians, the indigenous people of this vast country. Their stock has remained pure - unsoiled by the Aryan influences of the invaders who thundered in to India through the mountainpasses in the North.
The women wear the most gorgeous silks and love to flaunt diamonds in their ears and flowers in their hair. The men wear pride their starched 'dhotis' or 'veshtis' - seven metres of cloth worn around their lower torso like a sarong. Dhotis are worn formally at weddings, in State Assemblies as well as informally for lounging around.
West India Region-The industrial powerhouse of the India, Western Indian region which comprises of Gujarat, Goa, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, occupies almost a third of India's area and is home to a quarter of her people. Almost all of the country's petroleum comes from here.
There are dense tropical forests in Madhya Pradesh, unending salt marshes in Rann of Kachchh where nesting flamingos, pelicans, and avocets stretch out as far as the eye can see and, in Maharashtra, precipitous hill topped by impregnable fortresses from where the marathas and the legendary Shivaji fought the mighty Mughal rulers in the 17th century.
East India Region-The North East of India is made up of seven separate states, and is the most tribal region of India. Although the mountainous scenery is arresting, the northeast region remains the least visited part of India. This has been due to its remoteness, and also the permit requirements placed on tourists.
Ethnic violence, as well as the north east's sensitive location bordering Bhutan, China, and Myanmar, remain issues. Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Tripura are regarded as relatively peaceful though. Tourist numbers to the region have been dramatically increasing in recent years. Find out about what to see there in this guide to northeast India states.

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